Zartonok-89 NGO

Grigor's support to refugee children

Dear donors, supporters,
Millions of people had to leave their homeland and look for a shelter in various countries because of the armed conflict in Syria.Those who survived the war are mostly children from Armenian families living in Syria.Our goal is to support those school-aged children and give them an opportunity to get integrated into Armenian society.It is not an easy process as we are dealing with children from a vulnerable group and we take on each step with huge responsibility.
This wonderful program of providing psychological and social support to Syrian-Armenian children continues.

Dear Donors,
We would like to inform you that the names of all project participants were changed in order to protect their privacy.

We present you Grigor, who is the second beneficiary of this project; his story and speech are addressed to all the donors:

Hello. I'm Grigor. I'm 10 and I'm studying in 4th grade. I showed great interest in participating in this program, as I think it is a great honor to provide support to Syrian refugee children. My participation in this program was great news as a friendship and brotherhood with refugee children were created.

In my free time, I love reading books, doing sports, singing. My dream is to become a famous singer and footballer so that the whole world will know me and be proud of me. I love my elder brother, who serves in the Armenian Army.

This is Grigor's story who is our second beneficiary and who is willing to voluntarily support refugee children.

Once again, thank you, dear donors, and remember that your every gesture is important for our team and our beneficiaries. We are confident that this program will be expanded day by day thanks to you.