Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

Zartonk-89 NGO has increased ՛՛Providing education for 150 children in Armenia’’ project in 10 regions of Armenia, as today many children in the regions dropping off their education have to do hard works to earn their living and improve their social conditions. The organization has created Young Journalists Online Center (YJOC) that has its branches in 10 communities of Armenian regions (Vanadzor, Hrazdan, Martuni and Jermuk towns, Gandzakar, Arapi, Shenik, Shaki and Byurakan villages). Our young people from regional branches has explored and found children who don’t get basic education because of work and social bad conditions, they assist the children with private and groups trainings. All groups were given netbooks, stationeries and necessary books for trainings due to implemented projects of the organization.
Our young people of YJOC have conducted computer trainings, seminars and share their knowledge to teenagers of their communities who have hard works and are in social bad conditions.
We think that this new idea of the project “Equal To Equal Education” is more effective as it is obvious from the children’s active attendance to the trainings. 
I am Vika. I am one of the beneficiaries of Zartonk-89 NGO and as well as one of the founders of Young Journalists Online Center. I participated in implemented projects of the organization and have learned and acquired knowledge and skills in basic education as well as participated in seminars, meetings, trainings to improve important skills related to human behavior, team building, and imagination on civil journalism. I give importance to this project implementation in the regions. In the frame of the project I shared my gained knowledge and skills to young people in different rural communities. Now I share my knowledge with young people from the regions as well. I consider the case useful, fun and instructive.

I would like to take an opportunity and express my gratitude to all who helped and supported us to implement ՛՛Providing education for 150 children in Armenia’’ project in rural communities of the regions in Armenia