Zartonok-89 NGO

The success of Gandzakar:

Syuzi is our volunteer in Gandzakar community 

The aim of “ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project was to promote youth involvement in community development process as well as to develop identification of problems, promote youth to find solutions to those problems, promote IT and media sector development, volunteer working activities in the communities.
The project assists in young people involvement, raising issues of the communities, their participation in problems solutions, knowledge development on media and ICT. 
Meetings seminars and trainings were organized in 10 communities of Armenia.

As a result, our beneficiaries carry out evaluation and assessment of community issues, do public discussions and share their knowledge and experience with other members of the community as well as actively communicate with other young groups of Yerevan and communities. It helped the development of IT and media spheres and its activation of volunteers’ works in communities.

Community urgent issues were revealed with joint efforts, afterwards were offered its solutions and necessary ways to overcome them.    

Young people of the communities were highly motivated in each issue with great enthusiasm and readiness and we can definitely say that the regional groups of YJOC could reveal community issues and suggest its appropriate solutions.

In Gandzakar community of Tavush region our project had success.  That project gave an opportunity for young people. Syuzi who is a resident in that community will share her success with us.
Hi, I am Syuzi, I live in Gandzakar village of Tavush region in Armenia. The village has about 3,500 residents; most of them are young people.
In 2007 “Community Action Committee” is created by sponsorship of USAID, that was united the young people of the village. Young people began to realize what is “volunteerism” concept, how to work for community. The project was continued until 2012.  

After a year we are informed about a competition, organized by Zartonk-89 NGO and YJOC. 6 young people participated in that competition shooting a video about the problems of the village. That video was awarded a prize. Our work and cooperation began with Zartonk-89 NGO and YJOC. YJOC was established in our community, Tavush region. We began to have active participation in reveal of community issues. In community we conduct seminars and trainings.
Thanks to Zartonk-89 NGO and YJOC children, teenagers and young people are able to communicate with young people from other communities, to share their experiences with our colleagues by means of communication technologies, to visit our colleagues in different communities, informed about their activities, to invest their experience in our community. We feel us a real member in our community.

I thank to the people who support for our community to keep active, by means of IT we could raise our voice on community needs and problems.