Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

 The main aim of our project was to decrease the number of people who have lack of knowledge.
During the implementation of this project we have had great success. The successful process of the project is from Global Giving donations and as well as from the local support in our country. The successful process of the project is also for the implementation of educational reform in our country. 
Currently in the framework of this project we have 32 beneficiaries. Previous years were successful as 58 beneficiaries participated in our project over the years acquired knowledge, learnt specializations. Now they work and are able to provide their well-being.
Now we work with 32 beneficiaries, 10 of these beneficiaries came back to school and continue their education at school; they also learn profession and the 22 beneficiaries without leaving their job receive basic education with distance method.   
We should mention that the 22 beneficiaries communicate difficulty with their friends of the same age, they are intolerant with each others, and they are isolated due to their hard work and social bad conditions. That’s why we organize trainings on the weekends where they learn how to develop and reveal the opportunities of self-discovery and self-knowledge, to form the responsibility, tolerance, relationship between students. These trainings are effective for them.      
I am Anahit Poghosyan. I am participated in “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project. I highly appreciate the project implemented by Zartonk-89 NGO, which gives an opportunity to obtain the basic knowledge that is essential for human life. Beside the basic education we got most important knowledge during the training. After the training the level of my self-consciousness and responsibility were raised, tolerance and respect were formed, learnt team work and freely express my own opinion.