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Our progress in Gegharkunik region:

“Providing education for 150 children in Armenia” project is being held in 10 regions of Armenia. We have achieved a lot of progress while carrying out this project, but we also faced some difficulties that we managed to solve. Such issues we had in town Martuni, Gegharkunik region. We had lack of teachers at the beginning of the project. So again we announced a contest to fill the teachers' vacancy. The teachers had to measure up to certain criterions - possess appropriate knowledge, organizational skills, and experience of working with children. According to these criterions we chose the teachers in Martuni. To raise the effectiveness of the studies, on the second day the best teachers from the regions went to Martuni and taught the children there. These teachers also shared their experience with them. After this our project achieved great progress in Gegharkunik region too, thanks to the project's coordinator in Martuni, our volunteer Vanuhi. The support of the teachers from different regions, and experience exchange helped our progress in this project. Here is what Vanuhi says about the project.

"I'm Vanuhi from town Martuni, Gegharkunik region. I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to realize such an important project in our town. I'm fond of working with the children in need, and helping them get basic education. At first it was quite hard and challenging for us to realize this project, for we were only informed about its idea and had very little experience of working with children. On the second day of the studies, under the supervision of Mrs. Silva, the members of the centre and the teachers from the regions visited us to give a lesson. Having now a model of how to work, we were afterwards able to do more than we had expected. At first we noticed passivity among the children, since they were not acquainted to each other, but soon they made friends and started to communicate also at school. Due to the studies the children started to speak more freely, they got the ability of expressing their thoughts and ideas without shyness.

They had progress in studies, they developed logical thinking, gained knowledge concerning different fields, and we hope that in the future they will be able to use their grounding and skills in different spheres of life. After the studies ended we didn't break our relationship with the children. Moreover, we are planning to have an outing to the country with them next few days. Now the children are having their summer holidays, but we go on having individual studies with each of them".

We thank Global Giving and all our supporters who help us carry out the project "Providing education for 150 children in Armenia" in our community.