Zartonok-89 NGO

Expanding the Young Experts Team:

Dear donor,
Thanks to your donations, we continue to support the new generation of young experts. Communities in Armenia are full of problems. Journalists of this new generation have committed themselves to help communities through journalism and information technology. They believe that there is a "youth force" that can change the world. Today and every day, they are ready to invest in their capacities and raise community problems.
The goal of the project is to help and encourage Armenian youth, adolescents so that they can identify community issues and explore it.
Dear donor,
We present you the history and message of one of our young heroes, Susana, to the donors.
Hi, my name is Susanna. Let me tell you a little about it. I am studying in the 11th grade, in the nursing department. Apart from medicine, I have many and many other hobbies, like dancing. At my free time, I go to a dance group.
This was my first step in this program and I'm really impressed. I was able to get acquainted with team members and become part of this family. I am convinced that my influence will be great in strengthening the communities. Thank you.
These are our young experts. Due to your donations, we will continue to help them overcome the challenges and move forward. This program makes the community problems, challenges more visible and changes the lives of young people every day and the community becomes one of their priorities.
Dear donors, your donations are still being directed towards the formation of stable and strong communities. We are ready to share the progress we will record in the near future. We are grateful for your support and high impact. Young experts are waiting for you and every gesture is important to them.