Zartonok-89 NGO

Our progress due to you:

Dear donors,

We are glad to inform you that your donations help to conduct non-formal educational courses in the rural marzes of the Republic of Armenia and encourage our beneficiaries to get general knowledge and skills for the sake of their happy future. We highly appreciate your investment in our project and we are ready to share with you those achievements which happened due to you.

In rural marzes, our children being in a vulnerable condition do various hard work in their communities and villages, and as a result, they miss the opportunity of getting basic education. By communicating with their peers they feel constrained, non-self-reliant and unequal. Children need to be in non-formal environment where they will cover the missed knowledge easily and in an interesting way, through interactive games, discussions, practical activities.
The children of our communities show great interest in getting involved in the open classes where they can compose upon the view of the beautiful scene and of course participate in the main educational activities.  Due to your support, they played an activating game and each of them had an opportunity to share their small ideas which they would try to implement after getting motivated with education. They share their stories with great enthusiasm. By having stationery and art supplies the beneficiaries portrayed the ways which will help them to reach their aims. Then the trainer introduced topics which included general knowledge on natural sciences and humanities. Besides the theoretical knowledge, we also signify the importance of developing the practical skills and abilities. Children have described the essence of the teamwork, the main advantages, and the method. They were listening with great attention and wanted to get involved in such work frequently. In order to make the meeting more interactive and interesting, our trainers taught them more known expressions dealing with education. This is one of the best options of motivating them towards education and help to reveal the necessity and the importance of educated society.

Dear donors, your donations were directed to the implementation of a very important process:  provision of children's basic education in our target group. Your each step inspires them to be courageous, competent and responsible. We are grateful to you, that you support us. And your donations got directed to their bright future and to the educated society in Armenia.

Qnarik, one of our beneficiaries told her impressions and wanted to share with the donors.

Hello, I am Qnarik. I live in a community where I am surrounded by good friends, as they told me about this project.
At first, I was confused and couldn't believe that it is possible to cover my missed knowledge through another way. I participated in this interactive courses and started to believe in my strength and abilities. I compare this with a magic stick. Now I am moving forward in more confident way, I wish to become a photographer in order to show the world how much my community has changed. My friend and I are very grateful to those people who helped not to despair. Today I answer confidently:
Yes, the education is a great gift and opportunity!

Our achievements’ in Ararat and Vayots - Dzor region:

Zartonk-89 NGO in partnership with IDA (International Development Alliance) and Erasmus+ conducted the “Volunteer Theorems” project in 2 communities of 2 marzes of the republic of Armenia.
According to the conducted surveys in the remote marzes of the republic of Armenia, the
youth have less opportunity of getting involved in such projects and appearing in the non-formal educational environment. That was the main and essential factor for choosing this topic.  As a target group, 40 young people /20 boys and 20 girls/ from 16 to 25 years old have been selected showing great interest in getting involved in volunteer work both with local and global levels. 2-days training modules will be conducted with non-formal educational methodology, through intensive games, discussions, arguments.
The course started with an introduction game which allowed the participants to get to know each other and of course, they could get involved in teamwork.  Then our trainers introduced what is volunteerism, the advantages, and opportunities of getting involved in volunteer work. The youth shared their ideas and suggestions such as in which field they would like to do volunteer work and also which is important, they introduced those skills and abilities they are ready to invest in order to support the development and empowerment.
In order to make the training more interesting and interactive, the participants divided into groups and created small posters with the following theme “My notion of volunteerism”.
This was the best way of building teamwork and increase the self-worth, self-efficacy in the volunteers. At the end of the course, in M&E section they had an opportunity to estimate and come up with new suggestions. The implementation of the project had an essential impact on the process of the exploration of the youth’s abilities and the exploration of the self-expression.