Zartonok-89 NGO

The Response of the Project's New Beneficiaries:

Dear donor,

Thanks to you, we continue to implement this program in remote communities of Armenia. This time, 10 beneficiaries from Yerevan's N194 School joined the project. We are ready to share the impressions and responses of our new participants with you.
The goal of the program is to help the children left without education. Give them the opportunity to complete the missed knowledge.
A part of the children of our target group, living in socially difficult conditions, performs a variety of hard work, sometimes even they get isolated from their friends, which leads to the lack of capacity, intolerance, and lack of ability to work in the team.
Our working group welcomed the new beneficiaries at "Zartonk-89" NGO's office. They listened about the impact of the program and the reported successes with great enthusiasm.
For the first time, the new participants of Yerevan took part in the meeting.
We'd selected topics for individual and group work in advance.
The topic of individual work was "My School" and the topic of group work was "How to Empower My Community with Education" and "How Can I Help My Friend with My Knowledge"
The meeting started with a separate section of individual work.
Through images, the beneficiaries illustrated their school, their teachers, and the environment where they learn. Each participant presented their work in their own way.
This was a great opportunity to understand the satisfaction of the participants from the educational environment. The next important fact was that by presenting their works they began to know one another better.
During the group work, the participants were divided into groups. The children of the first group described the steps through which the community could be empowered. They were sure that education was the best tool for a powerful community.
The children of the second group described how they could help their friends through education.
The participants liked these interesting topics. They used creative elements in their works.
The work was carried on along with discussions and exchange of ideas. Teams presented their works in the end. At the end of the meeting, an agreement was made to provide feedback and periodically inform the news about the program. They returned with enthusiasm and expressed willingness to inform their friends about the project.
Dear donor,
Once again, we are pleased to mention that thanks to your support for this project, the solution to the problem of children's education in Armenia is in process. You have created a strong and stable connection among our beneficiaries. This time 10 beneficiaries had an opportunity to smile and be involved.
Your every gesture is encouraging for children in Armenia.
We present you Yana's story and a message addressed to donors.
Hi, my name is Yana. I am twelve years old. I study in the 7th grade. Let me tell you a little about myself. The participation in this program made me less constrained and I can work freely in the team and share my ideas with my friends. In free time I love to paint and dance. This program helped me to enrich my knowledge and develop my skills. I became less constrained, communicative and courageous. I also acquired new friends.
I am grateful to all donors and those who try to make our dreams come true. Thank you.