Zartonok-89 NGO

The launch of the program in regions of Armavir, Vayots Dzor and Syunik:

Teachers’ retraining
       Our “Providing Education for 150 children in Armenia” program was launched in communities of Shenik, Shaki and Vayk in February. A retraining for learners from 3 regions was organized immediately after preparatory activities. We selected the learners taking into consideration the following criteria; their age, experience of working with children from vulnerable groups, motivation, psychological skills and abilities of working with children and used the best practice implemented in 7 communities. Didactic and interactive means were used during the retraining course, a successful practice implemented in various regions was presented, the curriculum worked out beforehand was presented in detail. At the beginning of the course heads of the classes from 3 communities arrived, asked questions concerning them to the leader of the program and received full answers to their questions. The retraining teacher, Astghik, will present in detail the report of the training course.
       I am Astghik.
       During the seminar I presented in detail how to start the project step-by-step. In order to start the project in their regions the trainers first of all should make a list of participants. For this purpose, they should search for 10-15 year-old children yielding the basic education among their acquaintances and relatives, as well as in schools. After completing the list they should speak with the parents of the children, inform them about the project and receive their approval, so that their child can freely participate in classes of the basic education. After making the list they arrange with the administration of the school about receiving a class for starting the courses. To come to an agreement with the children on days and to organize the classes in accordance with the plan. If there will be children having psychological problems they must surely receive a support of psychologist.
       During the retraining course I shared with my experience and acquired skills with the participants, presented the best works from other communities.
       For example, to ask the children after lessons what they liked and what didn't, what offers they have. To be friendly with the children, not to put a teacher-pupil border, because our task is to teach the children through games and contests. The goal of the retraining was to produce such trainers, who would create an environment, where children would be easy, interact with each other and would help the children to perceive the material worked out beforehand in accordance with the curriculum.