Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress Report:

                       Meeting in Artsakh   
Within the framework of ICT as a Tool for Young Voices program we have planned to organize “Formation of active citizens in the communities of Armenia and Artsakh” training course in the communities of Armenia and Artsakh.
The aim is to contribute the formation of young people as autonomous, active citizens in 4 communities of Armenia and NagornoKarabakh (Vanadzor, Martuni, Shushi and Stepanakert). We plan to carry out 4 days training course in each region and community.  We have chosen those regions and communities as we have experience of working with young people from remote regions and we can say that such kind of socio-educational programsare not implemented in remote regions. 20 young people shall participate in the training course from each community. 
Young people of those remote communities have been selected, as they are more vulnerable to challenges and changes in society compared with young people from cities, have low level of self confidence, self valuation and tolerance, problems of being socially and positively adapted,interpersonal communication skills shortages, difficulties to cooperate and work in a team, difficulties on certain important issues such as human rights, violence, trafficking, lack of skills to solve conflicts peacefully.
Young people need reliable and non formal environment where they can express themselves, and express their opinion, work in a team.
In addition to this we can say that they are unaware of non-formal methods acquiring through knowledge, skills and abilities, which will make the course more interesting and interactive. We are sure that through this course young people will gain confidence, learn and deepen their knowledge, skills and abilities to become more autonomous and active in their lives and communities.