Zartonok-89 NGO

The progress of the young experts.

Dear donors,
We are glad to inform that due to you we carry on supporting the new generation of young journalists to explore the main problems of their communities, to carry out research and analytical work.

The main goal of the project is to encourage young people and teenagers of the Republic of Armenia to be able to identify community issues and offer solutions. All this can be achieved when beneficiaries of the program have an opportunity to participate in non-formal training modules, interactive meetings, where they will have the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and ideas, cultivate problem-solving mechanisms together.  Young people are the community's motivation and we attach great importance to providing them with media knowledge, skills to use digital media to be able to use social media in civic journalism.
This project makes the community problems, challenges more visible and the perceptions, attitudes of young people change daily. In general, the community is becoming one of their priorities.
In order to be able to solve social issues in the communities, it is also necessary to change the visions and perceptions of our beneficiaries related to their positive impact on the community. Part of our training refers to pluralism, tolerance, teamwork. The study of these topics is important for the beneficiaries, as it results in the increase of the social impact of this project.
The other part of the interactive meetings is dedicated to the use of digital tools, information technology. They require all this to make a community-based study and inform the public. As young experts, they need to find the roots of the problem, to understand what mechanisms can
be used in this process.
Due to your support, we continue the second coaching session, during which young active experts have an opportunity to get the answers to their questions and, of course, make a stronger connection with the team. During this meeting, they were involved in teamwork, where they tried to understand their role and influence in this project. It is important to note that they are willing to share the experience and capabilities during the meetings with the other beneficiaries of the remote communities in Armenia.
Dear donors, Your donations are still being addressed towards the work of building sustainable and strong communities. We are ready to share the progress we will make in the near future. We are grateful for your support and high impact.
During the meeting, one of our beneficiaries, named Astghik, wanted to send a message to all donors of the project. We present you Astghik's little story.
Hi, I'm Astghik. At first, I was uptight to talk about the problems in my community. Sometimes there were obstacles that forced me to cover my thoughts and suggestions. Due to this project, now I can use all my abilities and capabilities to help my community prosper. I think we are a strong team and we will use that advantage in the most effective way. Thank you!