Zartonok-89 NGO

Beneficiaries' empowerment through education

Dear donor,
Thanks to you, we continue to implement this program in remote communities and villages of Armenia.
With your support, the process of providing Basic Education for schoolchildren continues. Education has become a priority for our beneficiaries. Your donations are directed towards ensuring their stable and bright future. Our team and the pre-selected pedagogical staff regularly organize non-formal meetings where beneficiaries are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills required by the school curriculum.
Some of these children, living in difficult social conditions, perform various activities, help their parents earn money, and even perform work requiring physical strength. All this hinders their normal learning process and they miss their lessons.
During these meetings, they have the opportunity to work both in a team and individually. During teamwork, they have the opportunity to listen to friends, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and build a civilized relationship with the other. This is another important aspect of this project - to instill respect, patriotism, and sense of responsibility amongst the stakeholders.

   Dear donor,
We present you one of our beneficiaries, Maria's story, her impressions of the program and her message to donors.
Hello, I'm Maria. I live in Arapi community of Shirak region. This program gives me the opportunity to communicate with my friends in a warm environment. I think my community will prosper because this program creates all the conditions and opportunities for that.
Once again, thank you, dear donors, and remember that your every gesture is important for our team and our beneficiaries. There are new communities and new successes ahead. Continue making your donations. We are confident that this program will be expanded day by day thanks to you.