Zartonok-89 NGO

The role of the active youth in our organization:

Zartonk-89 NGO wants to inform our donors, volunteers, beneficiaries that our organization includes the presentation of No HATE SPEECH Movement in the world during the conducted seminars and discussions, how one can get involved in this movement and of course to increase the rate of the involved young people. All the staff members, the regional executives, and volunteers are present at the meetings.

The staff members of our organization after participating in seminars, trainings, dialogues of local, international and European standards organize meetings during which the share with their experience, acquired knowledge and skills. This step is very important and responsible for us as due to it we create free environment, where the youth can express their ideas and suggestions, and of course get acquainted with different programs and events.
Our organization has frequently implemented various projects about human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech, pluralism, tolerance both in Yerevan and in different regions of the republic of Armenia.

The trainings have been implemented through non- formal education methodology. As a target, we have selected those young people who are motivated, active and want to get involved in the process of development of democratic institutions in our country. We have also come up with online initiatives including all the regions of the republic of Armenia.

During the recurrent meeting, the members of our organization: Astghik and Vigen presented the conducted programs, the results which were enlisted in Monitoring & Evaluation section.

Vigen, who participated in International Intercultural dialogue conducted in Ethnomir center of the Russian Federation, shared his knowledge and skills which he acquired during the meeting with the attendees and promised to come up with new suggestions and initiatives in the nearest future, which will help to increase the wide involvement of all the members and volunteers of Zartonk-89 NGO in NO HATE SPEECH movement both in local and in European standards.