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Your Huge Contribution to Our Success:

During the training
Dear donors and partners, we would like to inform you that the “ICT as a tool for young voices” program has been selected as GlobalGiving’s Project of the Month for September 2016 as innovative, high-impact effect. In this report, we want to share with our news, success and achievements we had during implementation of the program.
The project aims to promote the involvement of the youth of the Republic of Armenia in the development of their communities, to develop their skills to identify community problems and find solutions choosing the modern technology as a tool and a platform.
Being in socially vulnerable condition, the youth of the distant regions of RA, having noticeable lack of knowledge and skills in journalism, mass media, IT, most of them cannot claim and inform the society and share their problems. Some of them get disappointed and leave their communities. As a result, the youth becomes more passive and the community problems become hidden.
   Dear donors, your donations were directed towards the implementation of training a new generation of young journalists.
Our participants with the ICT logo
The participants present their work
In various communities of the Republic of Armenia we carried out training in non-formal methodology which was entitled “Young Experts.” The training aimed to boost their skills in journalism, analytics and creativity. Develop analytical mind, promote the development of free speech and thinking ability and which is most important to master the main principles of journalism and the progress of the modern technologies.
Active and highly motivated young people form 14-20 years old were selected as a target who want to be involved in the development of their communities. During the meetings our beneficiaries had opportunity to ask their questions to our leading specialists and of course suggest real solutions during discussions and debates. As a result, “Young Experts” virtual platform was created, where the youth can freely communicate, ask the questions concerning them online and receive professional replies. During the meetings our participants were given shirts with ICT logo which reflected the idea of being one team better.
By analyzing and examining the further actions of the youth in distant regions and the condition of the distant regions we came to conclusion that positive changes are expected during the coming stages of the project, a clear plan has been developed, which will be the guidance when completing effective and correct community research. 
Mary shares her creative story
 We appreciate that you support us and your donations got addressed to the implementation of this very important plan.
The following is Mary’s creative story and message addressed to all our donors.
Hello, I’m Mary. I live in Vanadzor community. During my free time I like painting. I painted Lui, a 16 years old boy who also lives in my community. Lui wants to solve the problems of our community. He is a strong boy and he never gets disappointed. During this training Lui and me have learnt how to identify the community problems. We are sure that in the nearest future we’ll live in a better and democratic society. Dear donors, in our country we are strong together and your donations help and will help us to live in a place where the freedom of speech, democracy and patience reign.