Zartonok-89 NGO

Future projects 2012-2020

Future projects of “Zartonk-89” NGO have been worked out according to the goals of Millennium Challenges, children, teenagers and youth problems in our country. They will serve for educational, social level rising of target group, health care, rights and legal interests protection.
It is foreseen to implement the following projects in future.

·         “To build healthy future”
The aim is to improve single parents, orphan, needy and refugee children, teenagers and youth physical and mental health and prevent infected diseases. To teach children those important topics, which are necessary in daily life on health care, hygiene and first aid.
The project is foreseen to implement in Lory region of the Republic of Armenia involving 7 up to 14-year-old 900 beneficiaries of the RA. The duration is 3 years involving new groups of beneficiaries in each year.

·          “Education as a basis of development”
The aim is to help the most vulnerable group of Armenian population: orphans, single parents, homeless and needy children, teenagers and youth to improve their life, stimulate their personal and professional development in order they can acquire qualified education and find their place in society. The beneficiaries of the project are 500 children from Malatia-Sebastia community in Yerevan, the duration is 3 years.

·         “ICT as a foundation of communities educational system”
The aim is to develop civil society by means of Information Communication Technologies. To establish ICT training center for youth. It is foreseen to involve 300 young people who have not profession. The results of sociological research showed that the project is necessary to implement in Vanadzor town, the young people who participated in the survey wanted to explore the role, necessity and the use of ICT.

·         “Child abuse prevention”
The aim is to inform the children, parents and teachers about child abuse cases as well as to inform the local government to recognize November 19 as “Child abuse prevention” international day. Within the framework of the project it is foreseen to organize seminars, discussions, meetings involving all regions of RA.

·         Development education for youth, development for the future
The aim is to raise public awareness of development education and enhance development policy in Europe to support young people and civil society-organizations (CSOs) engagement in global attempts to eradicate poverty, develop community partnerships for local development and sustainable ways of living. 

current projects

“Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” is ongoing project.
The aim of the project is to assist 12-17 year old 90 children in receiving basic education that are deprived of attending schools and give them psychological help and juridical knowledge.
For achieving the goals of the project we
  1. created an environment, where our beneficiaries (working children) get education with state plane
  2. conduct trainings on working rights and law of infant work in our country
  3. provided psychological assistance which has contributed to 32 working children back to school,    
  4. helped them learn their preferred specialization.
Online Olympiad” is ongoing project. 
To assist youth and teenagers from different countries in raising journalistic research skills in the sphere of education, right and culture by using information technology in the Republic of Armenia.