Zartonok-89 NGO

New ideas for community development:

Dear donor,
Thanks to your donations, training courses for young journalists of a new generation are continuing. Armenian communities are full of different problems. However, periodically it is necessary to analyze and find solutions to problems. During meetings, seminars, our participants have the opportunity to present the situation in their community, the existing challenges and, of course, find realistic solutions to problems.
We present to you about the meeting that took place in our organization with the beneficiaries of the program. It was composed of two parts - private lessons and thematic work phases.
   The participants were asked to divide into groups and draw a Tree in the poster. On the basis of the tree, on the roots, they had to draw and represent the main problems, and on the branches - their solutions. This provided an excellent opportunity for the beneficiaries to explain how to work together to cope with environmental problems. It also develops creative thinking of young people.

  During the individual work, the participants were divided into one job, in which they were
supposed to present their skills, social environment, interiors, etc. This also makes it possible to understand the everyday life and needs of our beneficiaries.
      Dear donor,
We present you one of our young heroes, the story of Grigor and his speech to donors.
     Hi, I am Grigor, I am 13-years-old. I am interested in Information Technologies, I like to participate in the seminars, meeting, organized by “Zartonk-89” NGO, during which I acquire many skills, meet new friends. In my free time, I help my grandmother, grandfather. I love to walk on the bike, meet with friends, communicate with them. I also love ceramics and do pottery. 
In the future, I dream of becoming an architect, to build beautiful buildings. I also love Greek dances.
These are our young men. Thanks to your donations, we will continue to help them overcome difficulties and move forward. This program makes more visual all that is hidden in our societies. Our goal is to use the inner strength of young men and strengthen Armenia by the media and journalism tools. Your every gesture is very important for our beneficiaries.