Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

With the frame of “Online Olympiad” project in the region we have promoted to raise journalism, research and creative skills among young people with the usage of information technologies, created a learning environment where the possibilities of new media are used for the benefit of young people, we helped young people in discovery of the possibilities of new media usage, we identified and encouraged the best materials, articles and essays of the young journalists.
In “Online Olympiad” program it was foreseen to organize creative competitions, which are kept young people to be active in villages and regions, gave opportunity to communicate with their peers, to use new media in research creative activities.
In the frame of the program Zartonk-89 NGO organized competition on the theme of “I have read and....”   which was aimed to expose these young people, who love to read books and to compose at the same time. Here is our Tatul who was one of the participants of the competition. Recently our volunteers have met to Tatul who is now serving in the army. We would like to present his speech about the program:
I am Tatul, I am 19 years old. I was born and grew up in Vanadzor. I attained in secondary school N 19 in Vanadzor and after that I studied in the faculty of Law in State Pedagogical University of Vanadzor. I attended various clubs.
The art with all its aspects especially music and painting play a great role in my life. 3 years I had been a member of “Vardanants Descendants” brass band and participated in various festivals.
I am currently serving in the Armed Forces, and I am the musician of military orchestra there. I am very fond of reading books. I have read a lot of Armenian and foreign literature books.  I had a big impression on the world-famous detective stories. Under that impression I prepared a model of Sherlock Holmes museum and made fragments with plaster from the stories.  In 2013, when I was going to enter the university, I was informed about the essay competition on the theme of “I have read and....” in the frame of “Online Olympiad” program.
I was in the first place, but I did not expect my winning.  I just wanted to have new friends and communication with them and learn many new things from them. After the competition I made friends and had communication even with the volunteers. When I come back from the army I will continue to communicate, to work with them and take part in various programs and activities.
I would like to thank all those people, organizations that supported our program implementation that gave a lot of happy moments to young people who live in the villages. If you are interested in my work, please visit:

I love nature.