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ICT and your eminent investment: Report:

Dear donors, our partners,
We are glad to inform that due to you we continue to support the new generation of young journalists to speak out their community issues.

 The “ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project continues the non-formal, interactive training course for the young journalists aiming to support the target group via modern, innovative technologies, also by using all their efforts in favor of the community.
The main purpose of the project is to promote the involvement of the youth of the Republic of Armenia in the process of their communities' development and also take up steps using journalistic, creative skills and abilities which would help them to cover those challenges they come across.
Our beneficiaries witness various issues in the rural marzes of the Republic of Armenia. They try to use those resources which would help to get out of that difficult situation. Though having not enough skills and abilities they cannot look for solutions. As a result, our beneficiaries need to show up in teams, build teamwork, and increase their knowledge and the level of awareness.
Dear donors, your donations got addressed to the implementation of the non-formal training's following stage.
This time our beneficiaries have had an opportunity to get acquainted with those social and media platforms, with the help of which their can build an enormous audience, which in its turn will give an opportunity to increase the level of awareness about what is going on in the community. 
In this section, each participant told about their perceptions related to the influence and opportunities of such platforms. In most of the participants' opinion, the modern tools always have a tendency of rapid progress and development.
 And the use of this potential makes the 14-18-years-old active and initiative young experts explore the strengths and weaknesses of their communities and also estimate the current situation there.

In order to make the meeting more interactive they were separated to groups and through teamwork, they started to image their ideas and perceptions about how ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and its tools can support to find solutions to the key issues on the posters. The participants decided creative and interesting names for their teams and each of them showed up with their individual stories.

Dear donor, we appreciate that you are next to us and you support us during the implementation of these very important steps. All your donations are directed to support the development of the communities of the Republic of Armenia.
 The following is Yana's small story and the message addressed to all our donors.
Hello, I'm Yana. I live in Khor Virap community. I'm very happy for getting involved in this project. It helps me to find out my abilities, become more confident and patient. I think that we, the youth is the guarantee of our community. I feel very responsible for participating in this training as I have a mission to support my community. Today and every day I am obliged to support and encourage my friends. As we are a team which has a huge aim. I thank you for this opportunity.