Zartonok-89 NGO

Beneficiaries' impact in communities:

Dear donor,
Due to your donations, we continue to support the young experts of the new generation. Armenian communities are full of problems and these experts want to solve these problems and live in stronger communities.

The main goal of the project is to encourage young people and teenagers of the Republic of Armenia to be able to identify community issues and offer solutions. And in order to be able to achieve the goals we need to periodically train the participants and guide them. 

Dear donor,

This time we want to introduce you the story of one of our beneficiaries, Elena and its impact on this program.

Hi, my name is Elena. I study at Yerevan State University's Faculty of International Relations. Now, I can say with confidence that I have a great impact on my community development process. It is a priority for me and this program gives us the key to solving the problems. I'm proud of wearing the ICT logo. These training courses give us the skills and abilities that can change the community situation. This is not only my commitment to this program but also full of work, love, and enthusiasm. Thank you for this opportunity.

These are our young experts. Due to your donations, we will continue to help them overcome the challenges and move forward. During our meeting with them in our office, the program's plans and steps were presented in the communities. They are related to solving new problems and revealing their causes. It is important to consider the idea of "teamwork" among them and its advantages. That is why they represent the composition, title, and role of each team member in the team.

Thanks again for high impact on this program. The future of communities becomes visible thanks to your support. Today and every day, we are waiting for you and hope those Armenian communities will become more active and prosper through this program. Thank you for supporting us.

Beneficiaries’ creative works:

Dear donor,
Thanks to you, we continue to implement this program in remote communities of Armenia and in the capital Yerevan. With your support, the process of self-identification and disclosure of school-age children continues. Education for our beneficiaries has become the key to the solution of life's problems and priorities. Some of them today confess that they are

 Dear donor,
ready to continue their non-formal training with great enthusiasm and be an important part of society. Part of our target group, living in difficult conditions, sometimes even isolating themselves from their surroundings, miss educational training and it leads to psychological complications and breaks their normal rhythm of their lives.
We present you one of our new beneficiaries - Larisa's story, its impressions of the program and the message to donors.

Hi, my name is Larisa. I am studying at Yerevan School N194. I am happy to be a beneficiary of this program and become part of this fairy tale. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to work both individually and by group methods. During personal work, I introduced my
preferences; future plans, and, of course, the values ​​that matter to me in this life, be creative, be faithful, and so on. I want to become a businesswoman. Today's meeting was impressive and I hope this program will be continuous. Thank you.

In the last part of the meeting, the participants were divided into groups. They were instructed to image their school ten years
later. Beneficiaries showed their posterity on a blank and non-standard poster ten years later, where robots and aliens have come to help them. Here's our joyful and enduring meeting.
Once again thank you, dear donors, and remember that every gesture is important for our team and its beneficiaries.