Zartonok-89 NGO

Our achievements’ in Gegharqunik and Lori region:

"Zartonk-89" NGO implemented with the support of IDA (International Development Alliance) the "Power of Democracy" project in 2 communities in Armenia.  14-20 year regional young people motivated, active and believing democracy establishment in Armenia were selected as the target group.  3-day course helped regional young people to make the understanding of the noble idea of the democracy, as well as of modern democracy principles.  The course was implemented with the help of non-formal educational methodology - interactive games.  The main themes of our training were freedom of speech, tolerance, diversity.  The course started with acquaintance game, we well as with role and group games.  The teams were given the opportunity during the group game to make jointly, as one collective power, placards with headlines of "Democracy in my eyes," and the best works were awarded with promotion prizes. The courses periodically were accompanied by discussions, and regional young people were expressing during those discussions their opinions on democracy, democratic values, democratic institution establishment process in Armenia.  As a result, "democratic young people" social platform was created, where our regional representatives have the opportunity to share with their ideas, concerns, problems and can try as future democratic leaders to search for ways to increase the level of democracy.  We hope, that "Power of Democracy" project will be ongoing and that community representatives from other regions of RA will also join the project.