Zartonok-89 NGO

The use of innovative ideas in communities:

Dear donor,
It is our pleasure to report you that owing to your support we continue to organize interactive meetings for young journalists. At This time within the framework of non-formal learning methodology, our young experts had an opportunity to raise their communities’ issues and suggest solutions through the medium of IT and Journalism. The aim of the meeting was to see how ben
eficiaries ready to have participation in their communities sustainable development process. 
The objective of the project was to evaluate and assist the youth in engagement of the community development process.
For making the meeting more interesting and productive the participants were divided into two teams and were assigned the following tasks. 
The first team designed a poster, titled: “Journalism as a tool to raise and solve community issues”. They showed community problems through images and offered solutions by using tools of journalism. They offered to engage community people, local self-government bodies, funding and non-governmental organizations and volunteers to have participation in the problem solution process. 
The second team named the poster: “Raising and solving community problems through IT”.
Our beneficiaries applied images of modern technology through which they can raise, share and solve their community problems. Due to social networks and Mass media, they tried to explore
and disseminate community problems and by that means find donors and supporters.
The teams presented their works: as a problem solution result, they wanted to see their community well developed, prosperous and with high living standards.
They stated that it is possible to use journalism tools and IT sector as a means of solving community problems.
Dear donors,
We continue to allocate your donated funds to support these active and enterprising young people. The community has a lot of problems but they believe in their skills and are ready to use the power of unity.
         One of our beneficiaries Hasmik wanted to send her message and share her impressions with donors.
Hello, I am Hasmik. I liked this meeting very much as I had an opportunity to share what I knew and improve my knowledge level. In my opinion, this kind of meetings are instructive and the best way to keep in touch with other community friends. It is good way to share knowledge and skills with others of the same age from different communities. Thank you supporters and donors it is with your kind support that we had an opportunity to have memorable and instructive day.