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Expanding the Young Experts Team:

Dear donor,
Due to your high impact on this program, we continue to support the young journalists of the new generation. They are regularly being trained and updated on contemporary technologies as well as the rules of civic journalism. As young people are the main part of the community, we aim to help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills during interactive meetings.
Beneficiaries of this program are continuously informed about the situation in their community and, of course, look for relevant mechanisms to raise and spread the challenges and issues that exist. Therefore, during non-formal methodologies, participants have the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas freely. The next important point we would like to mention is that beneficiaries receive appropriate educational resources and tools.
This time we organized a meeting with young experts entitled "Community Problems and Social Impact". The tutor presented them on how to collect data and use them for their research. Sometimes difficulties arise to get the necessary information, but you have to be able to effectively use the available resources.
The next part of the meeting was dedicated to the social impact. They got acquainted with this term and understood why it is important to measure the social impact. It was also presented that the Impact Stories format can be used to assess the social impact and answer the following questions: Where? What? Who? How? Results? This is very important because we have the opportunity to listen to our audience, engage with community leaders and of course see our progress and achievements. They also got acquainted with the idea of  ​​"learn from failure", that is, one should not be ashamed to admit the failures that arise during their activities but they need to show them and understand how to use them to measure the progress they have made.
The last part of the meeting was dedicated to teamwork. In this section,  beneficiaries used a Toolkit. Each presented their point of view on the work being presented. During the meeting, they also discussed the advantages of team performance and what are the conditions of Team Building.
Dear donors,                                                                                                                          
Your commitment to this program is very important to us and we are glad to inform you about the achievements that are becoming more and more visible from time to time. Armenian communities are full of problems, but the key to their solution is in the hands of young people.
Our new beneficiary of this project, Alina, wanted to send her small message to donors.
Hi, I'm Alina. I participate in this program for the first time. In this team,  I feel very good because I learn interesting and important things. Now, I'm ready to use my abilities in favor of the community where I live. I thank all donors and would like to see the continuation of this program. Thank you.