Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

In the frame of “Online Olympiad” project Zartonk-89 NGO organized visits to 10 regions of Armenia for the meeting with the beneficiaries of the project. We provided them netbooks for each region, but in Jermuk community we provided photo camera as well to realize the works more effectively. We also organized trainings, seminars, discussions with the aim of raising their knowledge level on media sphere.
The aim of the project was to assist in media research skills development among teenagers and youth with the effective usage of Information Technologies in the Republic of Armenia.
We have had progress during the implementation of “Online Olympiad” project
  • Assisted in online club creation  for 300 youth journalists in different regions of Armenia
  • Assisted in improvement of  journalism, research and creative skills for the youths with the usage of information technologies in Armenia
  • Created virtual educational environment where the new media opportunities are used with the interest of youth and information technologies are used as an active factor of the education process and they receive their answers of the questions through this environment
  • Helped youth journalists to explore the opportunities of new media usage
  • Explored and encouraged the best materials and articles of youth journalists
  • Gave chance the youth journalists in different regions for exchange and cultural experience
  • The participants of “Online Olympiad” project established online club and they get in touch with the members of online club in different regions, organize online competitions, Olympiads, round tables, seminars, meetings, make decisions and suggestions.

Our beneficiaries were 16-18 years old young people from regions of Armenia who were interested in media and journalism.
For future we have planned to carry out projects with our beneficiaries, discuss their proposals, to involve them in the whole process of proposal writing, research and its implementation.
The beneficiaries’ response to the project is very important for us. We present one of the our beneficiaries  Marianna Arshakyan’s respond from Jermuk town of Vayots Dzor region about conducted seminars and meetings in the frame of Online Olympiad project.
Hello I am Marianna Arshakyan from Jermuk town of Vayots Dzor. I am very glad for the participation in Online Olympiad project. Young Journalist Online Center was established in our community and I am a member of that center. In the frame of mentioned project I got knowledge about media, research and journalism, made new and clever friends is very important for me.
I thank the supporters of the project for this project implementation.