Zartonok-89 NGO

Young experts' success:

Dear donor,
We are glad to inform that due to your important role in this project we carry on supporting the young journalists of the new generation. As the youth, the teenagers have important and exclusive role in their communities we continue to conduct interactive training courses in the regions of Armenia with the aim to support them to obtain the required abilities and skills.
Our beneficiaries being "Young Experts" are often looking for modern solutions to find their needs and seek solutions. For this reason, they are involved in non-formal integrated training modules where they can understand the connection between modern technology, community, and journalism. Sometimes they find it difficult to combine these things, but they do not get discouraged, so they continue to move forward.
The main goal of the project is to promote the active involvement of young people of the Republic of Armenia in their community activities.
Due to your donation and support, we organized an interactive meeting in one of our provincial teams. At first, the beneficiaries shared what challenges they faced during this period and what knowledge and skills they need. This helps our team understand what key topics can be brought to attention.
To make the meeting more lively and exciting, the participants divided into teams and on the posters they imaged  "People, Community, Technology" link, using their thoughts and ideas. This was a creative and innovative approach with the help of which the beneficiaries acted.
The first team called their poster "There is a problem, there is a solution."
Presenting their teamwork as a solution they saw a well-established community where a  person feels happy. In the next circle, modern technologies and media have been portrayed, which, to their mind, makes the existing problems visible and understandable. In the end, the team added that they were ready to fight for their dreams and for the benefit of the community.
The next team called their poster "Our eyes see, our mind works and we solve all the problems of the community with our unity."
In the center of the poster, they had painted an imaginary man which appeared as a collective image of the community. In on of the hands of the imaged human was the environment and on the other hand was the technologies. This person continually overcomes all the existing troubles and moves forward.
In the end, the team stated that the social networks are the best ways with the help of which they can get common information. In the end, all the participants also came to that conclusion.
Dear donors,
Your donations are continuing to be addressed to the process of supporting to these young initiating young people. Any gesture of yours has an important meaning for our beneficiaries. The community is full of problems, though they trust their abilities and are ready to put their united powers in action.
One of our beneficiaries, Andranik, wanted to address his message to donors and share his impressions.
Hello, I'm Andranik. I liked this meeting a lot and I got an opportunity to complete the incomplete knowledge. In my opinion, such meetings have the second important meaning which is to get in touch with our friends. To the question addressed to me, what I learned from this training course I answered that I learned how to help my community. Thank you.