Zartonok-89 NGO

Your contribution to our acquirement:

"ICT as a tool for young voices"
The whole staff of "Zartonk-89" NGO wants to inform with pleasure that "ICT as a tool for young voices" project was selected as GlobalGiving's Project of the Month for September 2016.  This selection is very important for us, for which we are thankful to the whole staff of GlobalGiving and, of course, to all our donors.  This donation will be directed to the progress and development of information and communication technology in the Republic of Armenia, as well as to the revelation and solution of community issues.  The potential, engagement and readiness of active and motivated young people from 11 communities of RA will be the basis for all these processes.
"Zartonk-89" NGO have repeatedly implemented social queries, which have help us to understand well the state of communities, the problems there and to find solutions to them.  Meanwhile, our beneficiaries are given the opportunity to say their words to the donors and to thank them both orally and through beautiful posters made by them.  We are planning to contribute to the project in two main directions; through providing with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as skills to our beneficiaries.  Our young community experts, acquiring knowledge, will conduct meetings on modern digital technology progress and acquirement knowledge in this sphere in their communities sharing with their experience.  Besides, there will be practical trainings, during which our beneficiaries will have the opportunity to make use of digital technology and to practice it.
"Zartonk-89" NGO will conduct regular meetings, seminars both in the organization and remote provinces in order to provide with necessary information and contribution.  We value the young people's opinions and offers and aspiration to be educated, aware and to solve the challenges in their communities.
Vigen Mkrtchyan, the leader of "ICT as a Tool for Young Voices" project, wants to say his word and thank our donors and of course the whole staff of GlobalGiving.

Hello, I am Vigen.  The whole staff of our organization and I want to express our great appreciation and gratitude to you for this great input, which will be directed to the implementation of earth-changing ideas in the world, and particularly in Armenia.  We say with confidence that we will direct this donation to the improvement of ICT capacities and skills of the young people from the regions of RA.  Once again, thank all our donors for always being here for us.  We value your great gesture, which will be the basis in the future for the development and enlargement of this sphere.

The Bonus Day and our progress:

The children are preparing for the Bonus day 1
"Zartonk-89" NGO continues to realize the project "Providing education for 150 children in Armenia" in various communities and villages of the distant regions of RA.  The organization arranged again a visit to Khor Virap community of Ararat region aiming to hear so important opinions and offers of our beneficiaries - children.  The beneficiaries of the project, the volunteers of the organization, the person responsible for the project of Khor Virap community - Astghik and others were present at the meeting.  The meeting with the children was held at the garden, where the children shared with their offers in the fresh air and surrounded with beautiful scenes of the nature.  Each of them had the opportunity to freely express their own opinion related the future course of the project.  Then the person responsible for the project of the community - Astghik, together with the volunteers of the organization, conducted a small painting contest aiming to let the children depict phenomena and symbols characterizing their future profession through the amazing language of painting.  The children were painting with a great enthusiasm and using colored pencils and papers to illuminate their paintings.  That moment was very important for us because it seemed that the great desire of becoming a good specialist (doctor, musician, engineer, designer etc.) and contributing to our society was growing up in them. 
The children are preparing for the Bonus day 2
In the result the children had the opportunity to present their paintings, why they had selected that profession, to ask the questions exciting them.  The representatives of our organization promised the children to conduct such meetings often and provide with popular materials on their professions.  We think that such meetings are very important for children and are aimed at making the children feel the necessity of becoming competent specialist.  At the meeting we presented the children the important Bonus day.  They got informed that it will be held on September 21th and will last from 6:00:01 AM to 23:59:59 PM EDT.  The response of the children was enthusiastic.  They called on our donors to make donations contributing to the project.  Here is Abraham's call to donors.
The call of Abraham

I am Abraham, I live in Khor Virap community in Ararat region.  I want to call on all our donors of our project to make donation on Bonus Day and help my friends and me.  I want to become an engineer and depicted my profession today.  I am very happy that there are people in the world who are ready to help us.