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Progress Report

«Providing Education for 150 Children in Armenia»
I am Veronica. I am 13 years old. I love my family. The family is where we are surrounded with love and respect from people. My family consists of four people: me, my father, my mother, my brother. I prefer to start with my father who is central to our family. His name is Karlen. He is 37 years old. My dad spends a lot of time to earn money. When he is at home, it is a joy for me, as he always has something interesting to tell us. My father is a good man and an excellent father. Me mother, Alla is a housewife. She's 34 years old but looks much younger. She is my angel and I dream to be like her. My brother, John, is a good guy. He is 9 years old. My brother helps us in all matters. For me he is a good brother and a great friend. I like to dance,  sing, read, and spend a good time with my friends and family because life is too short and I want to enjoy the good things.  I inherited singing from my grandmother. She taught me almost all the folk songs and dances of the blood of the nation. From our authors, I love Hovhannes Tumanyan the most. I have read almost all his tales and stories. I like to be the first everywhere.  In regards to my future profession, I'm not in a hurry to choose one. It is a complicated process and it your future depends on it. You have to think long and hard about it and appreciate your abilities, your talents, and your interests and be serious about this decision. I dream of my own candy factory for all children to have free candy and snacks.

Now back to reality. I take part in «Providing education for 150 children in Armenia» program aimed at providing basic education for children who have been held back for various reasons. During this program, the selected children from 6 regional groups participate in Young Journalists Online Club (YJOC) and go back to school to carry out the rest of the training program. Their communities will be selected by taking into account the "Community Youth Voice" how active the students kept their blogs, websites, and social media. The program helps students update their knowledge learned from school and this helps actively progress basic education. I am very glad that I participated in this program during the summer holidays