Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

For implementing the project we had 10 beneficiaries, then the number of the beneficiaries increased and 58 beneficiaries participated in our project who got qualified education, learnt their preferred specialization and now they work in different spheres.
Now 32 pupils are participating in our project, who have opportunity to complete their missed knowledge, continue their education with the pupils of the same age. 11 beneficiaries of them without leaving their job get distance learning, and 21 beneficiaries study at school. The project was effective not only for our beneficiaries, but also the organization.  
The implementation of “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” had great progress and opportunities for our organization to participate in ongoing educational reforms of our country. The organization is also participated in the 2012-2025 strategic plan development and discussion of the Government on education and social sphere.        
Participation in these mentioned events is very important for our country to be the result of access to qualified education for all children. Providing free textbooks is also important for junior school children.
The major achievements of the project were the involvement of 58 beneficiaries as volunteers in educational, social programs organized by “Zartonk-89” NGO. They introduce their knowledge, voluntary works to involve new beneficiaries for the project and attract them in the works. We give importance for their participation in further activities of the project as they receiving support from the organization; they become supporters for the new beneficiaries who are in need. 
It is already 2 years that one of the participants of the project Mariam Tevanyan has been involving in our project as a volunteer and directs her speech to the organizers, donors and supporters of “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project: I am Mariam Tevanyan and I was participated in “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project that gave me an opportunity to get qualified education and specialization as well.  For my knowledge/skills and preferred job I thank to all supporters that ought to them I have had great success and achievements. You also gave me chance to involve in voluntary works for assisting teenagers who are in need. Thanks again to all donors, who gave financial assistance for this important and useful project.