Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

Our beneficiaries in Ararat region of Armenia
Zartonk-89 NGO had been implementing “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project since 2006, the aim of which was to provide basic education for those children in Yerevan who could not get education because of job to earn their living; to help them get basic education and professional skills in order they can find job and improve their social conditions of their families in future. During the project implementation we have had great success. During these years 58 beneficiaries from 100 came back to school, they have got basic education, professions and now they work with their specializations. 42 beneficiaries continuing their work have received basic knowledge with distance learning method. Today they use their gained knowledge to find best job. Recent years our organization has been actively involved in implementation process of educational reform in the Republic of Armenia. First, there were positive results recorded in educational reform, the rate of children’s classes attendance was high. But recent years the global economic crises had its negative impact on the world, as well as social-economic situation of our country, migration and the quantity of people who leave the country to work in abroad is increased and again it is obvious the children’s involvement in hard works.