Zartonok-89 NGO

The Launch of a Project in Yerevan

Dear donors, supporters,
Please find below the first report on our new project. We are happy to inform you that this important and special program has been kicked off in Yerevan.
Millions of people had to leave their homeland and look for a shelter in various countries because of the armed conflict in Syria.
Those who survived the war are mostly children from Armenian families living in Syria.
Our goal is to support those school aged children and give them an opportunity to get integrated into Armenian society.
It is not an easy process as we are dealing with children from a vulnerable group and we take on each step with huge responsibility.
In the Zartonk-89 NGO, we ran a training course for Armenian and refugee children with the aim to create a friendly atmosphere and, of course, to help them recover from their emotional traumas.

Our next priority is to provide the children with the necessary notebooks which they will use for classes at school.
During the meeting, the beneficiaries had the chance to work both as a team and individually. The participants were completing their assigned tasks, listening to one another and obtaining new knowledge with great enthusiasm.

Dear Donors,
We would like to inform you that the names of all project participants were changed in order to protect their privacy.

We present you Alex, who is the first beneficiary of this project; his story and speech are addressed
to all the donors:

Hello. I’m Alex and I am 8 years old. I study in the 3rd grade. I have a sister who studies at the university. I love playing basketball, football and going to karate group practice.
I wish to become a karate competitor and I dream of flying to space. I love football a lot and my favourite team is Real Madrid and my favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo above all other footballers. I would like to continue being involved in this project and live happily in Armenia.
With such a story, the first beneficiary introduces himself. Your individual gesture gives them more and helps them to forget those feelings which are already fading into the past. It’s high time to see them smiling and without psychological problems.
Thank you for your support and commitment.