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Progress of our beneficiary in Georgia:

Dear donors and supporters,

Thanks to your donations we continue to support young experts of the new generation. The communities of Armenia are full of many problems and these young leaders have committed themselves to addressing the current issues through a combination of journalism and information technology.

This time we want to share with You the story of one of our beneficiaries, Alina, as well as details of her meeting in Georgia. Here it is.

We would like to inform you that the names of all project participants were changed in order to protect their privacy.

A seminar entitled "Digital Stories" was held in Bakuriani, Georgia from December 1st through 8th with 22 participants from 8 different countries (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, France). The workshop provided participants with the opportunity to gain new insights into the preparation of video clips where participants had to share short stories from their lives. Alina, who has been a beneficiary of Zartonk-89 for many years, participated in the workshop and is willing to share her knowledge and skills with our other beneficiaries.

In response to how the seminar will help the process of community development, Alina answered that she hoped to have a workshop in her community in Arapi sometime in the near
future to help give young people the skills needed to create “digital stories.”
The following was related to what she revealed as a result of cooperation with other participants in other countries: Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or country, is concerned with the vision of making a better tomorrow, for which they develop and bring to life different ideas.

Our young experts are full of passion, diligence and achievement. Thanks to your donations we will continue to help them overcome challenges and move forward. From time to time they have the opportunity to get training in other countries, as well.
Thanks again for your heavy impact on this program. A better future for our communities is becoming visible thanks to your support. Today and every day, we look forward to welcoming you and hoping that the Armenian communities will become more active and prosperous through this program. Thank you for being with us.