Zartonok-89 NGO

Project achievements:

Dear donors,
Due to your important role in this project and your donations we carry on conducting non-formal training courses which are supposed to provide basic education to the beneficiaries of the rural marzes’ communities of the Republic of Armenia. It’s essential for us and we’re responsible for sharing with you the achievements we recorded during this period.
Children from the rural communities of our country feel the necessity of participating in such educational courses where they could have an opportunity to complete the missing knowledge and skills. Though being vulnerable and constrained they keep on showing up with suggestions, how they can get out of that situation and appear in the society more confidently. And the key solution to these problems is only the education, for sure. This time also the beneficiaries wanted to pass the interactive section of the basic educational training course in the open air. First of all, they got familiar with those topics which our trainers had prepared.
The main destination was to improve their general educational status both in subjects in humanities and natural sciences and also give them an opportunity to show up in a team, as by listening to their peers they simply get encouraged. Our trainers presented the beneficiaries the role and the importance of education, as well as helped them to know their rights and responsibilities in the nearest future so they wouldn’t get exploited in the labor market. This is one of the main purposes of this project.  The other section of the meeting was dedicated to Armenia. The children were telling about Armenian history and culture. During this section, they had an opportunity to image those cultural and historical values which exist in their countries. Then present their works to their friends and the project coordinating team. This is the best way for them to develop their own opinions, thoughts, and ideas.
Dear donors, partners, we highly value your commitment to this project. There are a noticeable growth and progress amongst our target group members, which can confirm our periodic surveys and quizzes for checking their knowledge. At the end of each meeting, our team conducts surveys which are directly related to the provided material. This, in its turn, gives us an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the project also in other communities.
We appreciate that you support the formation of an educated society in Armenia.
We present you Anahit’s short story and speech addressed to donors which she presented during the meeting.
Hello, I’m Anahit. I’m very happy to be involved in this project. I like to be in this environment where I can complete the knowledge that I have missed. Today I gained new valuable knowledge. Particularly I’d like to separate the section of the course related to Armenia. I have painted the symbols, the historical and picturesque sights of my country. I appreciate all the donors and people who try to accomplish our dreams.