Zartonok-89 NGO

About Us:

"Zartonk-89” is a non-governmental organization, which operates throughout the Republic of Armenia founded in 1989 and registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Justice in 1996. In 1988 after the earthquake, when the north part of Armenia was ruined and also Kharabagh war about 2400 children were parentless and the organization began to assist those children solving all the problems. Since 1989, Zartonk-89 has been actively engaged in the promotion of health, education, environment and social assistance for needy segments of the rural and urban children and teenagers in Armenia.  The active support and creativity of our partners and local volunteers have made it possible to extend its presence to other regions of Armenia; to date there are branches of our NGO all over the country.


        "Zartonk -89" is a charitable organization that seeks  educational, social, health, environmental and charitable projects to support vulnerable children, adolescents and young adults with the mental, physical and spiritual development and life improvement. Our mission is to improve the lives and protect the rights of parentless and needy children, teenagers and youth in Armenia.  In order to achieve our mission, we implement various educational, social, and health projects focused on improving the mental, physical and social skills of children and teenagers and on building their self-esteem. The organization also assists rural and urban communities of the country. In addition, we have implemented several development projects that benefit entire communities. The age group of people that our organization wants to reach out to mainly consists of youth between the ages of 14-20 years old.


• To help the most vulnerable groups of children, adolescents and youth in regards to education, health and social aspects of accumulated problems.
• Implement educational, social, health, environmental protection, community development, as well as contributing to the strengthening of programs.
• To promote intercultural learning and dialogue, as well as the development of the culture of peace, tolerance and the spread of the world.
• Develop cooperation and networks between international and local organizations.
• To contribute to finding a solution to the problems faced by youth as well as legal awareness.
• To contribute to the establishment of democracy throughout the country and improve the people's living conditions.

• To develop and strengthen the capacity of the volunteer sector in Armenia.

The role of ICT in our successes:

Dear donors, our colleagues want to share with you with their successes and progress, the greatest factor in which is your invest.  “ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project continues to arrange retraining programs for young journalists of the new generation, which aim at contributing through modern, innovative technologies to our target group to voice up the challenges and issues, which they confront with.
The primary aim of the program is to contribute to RA youth engagement in the development process of their communities, to develop their skills of highlighting their community issues and searching for solutions for them taking modern technologies and their journalistic skills as a tool and platform.
The young people want to elucidate their community news, to tell the world about their community competently with the help of modern technologies, to arrange events and training, to activate the community, however the lack of communication skills, the lack of the ability of voicing up community issues on social platforms make them to keep their thoughts and ideas to themselves, not to express them and, moreover, to disguise the problem instead of voicing it up.
Dear donors, your donations were directed to the implementation of the second phase of the retraining courses for the young journalists of the new generation.  In this phase, our young experts were given the opportunity to present through non-formal education methodology the obstacles, which they are ready to overcome and, certainly, to present the strong aspects of their communities, which they are going to develop.  The target group of the course again were 14-20 young people, who are active, motivated, initiative and want to be engaged in the process of strengthening their community.
In the second part of the meeting our beneficiaries were given the opportunity to get information on significance and modernity of social Medias in civic journalism and, the most important, to create audience on similar platforms, where they can share their perspective steps and make the big mass of the population hear the issues and offers concerning them.  Our beneficiaries expressed their keen interest towards photojournalism, during which they revealed how to attract readers attention though expressive photo.
After analyzing and researching the future actions of our young people and existing situations in remote regions we came to the conclusion that in the future phases of the project implementation visible changes will occur in the work style of our target group, the best evidence of which is their motivation and diligence.
We are grateful to you for being with us.  Your donations again were directed to the implementation of these important steps.
Here is Slava's impressions on his story, and his message to all our donors.

Hello, I am Slava.  I live in Arapi community.  I think that the connection between me and this project is special because I have been interested in and inspired by technologies since school years.  I have always thought that those are the best relatives of human beings.  Today and every day I am ready to use my all skills and abilities for the sake of strengthening our communities. 
Dear donors, I am sure that with your help and through the support of my team friends we will shape a society under the rule of freedom of speech and tolerance.

Your contribution to our achievements:

Dear donors, our partners, it's our pleasure to inform you that Zartonk-89 NGO has been awarded as TOP-RANKED and VETTED organization of 2016 by GlobalGiving as a sign of gratitude and our hard work. Our team highly appreciates this special gesture and wishes to share the success, achievements, and results that we recorded in this project. 
The main purpose of the project is to support the vulnerable and working children of the remote marzes of the Republic of Armenia to acquire basic education by using our specially designed course plan, also create free and unconstrained environment where children can communicate with their peers, acquire new friends and fully integrate into the society.
In the distant marzes of the Republic of Armenia being in vulnerable condition, children do manual hard work in their communities and villages, and as a result, they miss the opportunity of acquiring basic education which is a very important factor in the process of exploration and development of children's intellectual abilities. They become unconfident, self-contained, depressed, they don't get motivated to acquire knowledge which is essential for the rest of their lives.     
Dear donors, your donations were directed in the implementation of providing basic knowledge to our target group of children.
Our regional representatives conducted courses in their communities using non-formal educational methodology through interactive games.
Children were participating in the educational section with great enthusiasm and were asking questions about topics which greatly interested them.
In order to make the course more interactive, our specialists used presentations which gave more descriptive explanation to each topic.
This time the beneficiaries had opportunities to get basic knowledge about technological and digital means and to explore the modern information technologies, and by selecting as a tool the required information about different spheres, such as mathematics, physics, geography, history, etc. As a result, our target group reached to the conviction that one can get knowledge also from the internet. They were promised to learn foreign languages in the nearest future, so they can get knowledge also from various foreign literature.
By analyzing and examining our beneficiaries upcoming steps, their disposition of this program, their enthusiasm and expectations, we came to conclusion that in the future stages of the implementation of the project positive trends would be registered in distant communities, the number of participants will increase in our target group and in the nearest future we hope that the project will spread in all the villages and communities of all the distant marzes of the Republic of Armenia. We appreciate your support and your donations which got directed to the process of implementation of these essential steps.
Please find presented Zempira's story and her message to our donors.
Hello, I am Zempira. I love in Arapi community. From this course, I acquired knowledge which gives me power and motivation. I liked when our trainers taught us the basic computer and internet skills, how to search for books and information about the spheres we are interested. During my free time, I like drawing and sewing. I hope that the acquired knowledge will help me to become the best specialist in the field which I'll choose.


Zartonk- 89 NGO continues its active participation in No Hate Speech Movement in Armenia. The volunteers of our organization conducted a meeting with our beneficiaries in the village Khor Virap of the Ararat region, during which they presented the movement to them and certainly the importance of the movement to the further activities of our organization. The children made small posters named NO HATE SPEECH with pleasure, and expressed great interest to be integrated into this movement also in future.
Vigen, who is the leader of youth projects of our organization, presented the importance and the need of the voluntary work during an interview with children and promised them to organize such kind of activities regularly.

The role of the active youth in our organization:

Zartonk-89 NGO wants to inform our donors, volunteers, beneficiaries that our organization includes the presentation of No HATE SPEECH Movement in the world during the conducted seminars and discussions, how one can get involved in this movement and of course to increase the rate of the involved young people. All the staff members, the regional executives, and volunteers are present at the meetings.

The staff members of our organization after participating in seminars, trainings, dialogues of local, international and European standards organize meetings during which the share with their experience, acquired knowledge and skills. This step is very important and responsible for us as due to it we create free environment, where the youth can express their ideas and suggestions, and of course get acquainted with different programs and events.
Our organization has frequently implemented various projects about human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech, pluralism, tolerance both in Yerevan and in different regions of the republic of Armenia.

The trainings have been implemented through non- formal education methodology. As a target, we have selected those young people who are motivated, active and want to get involved in the process of development of democratic institutions in our country. We have also come up with online initiatives including all the regions of the republic of Armenia.

During the recurrent meeting, the members of our organization: Astghik and Vigen presented the conducted programs, the results which were enlisted in Monitoring & Evaluation section.

Vigen, who participated in International Intercultural dialogue conducted in Ethnomir center of the Russian Federation, shared his knowledge and skills which he acquired during the meeting with the attendees and promised to come up with new suggestions and initiatives in the nearest future, which will help to increase the wide involvement of all the members and volunteers of Zartonk-89 NGO in NO HATE SPEECH movement both in local and in European standards.

Your Huge Contribution to Our Success:

During the training
Dear donors and partners, we would like to inform you that the “ICT as a tool for young voices” program has been selected as GlobalGiving’s Project of the Month for September 2016 as innovative, high-impact effect. In this report, we want to share with our news, success and achievements we had during implementation of the program.
The project aims to promote the involvement of the youth of the Republic of Armenia in the development of their communities, to develop their skills to identify community problems and find solutions choosing the modern technology as a tool and a platform.
Being in socially vulnerable condition, the youth of the distant regions of RA, having noticeable lack of knowledge and skills in journalism, mass media, IT, most of them cannot claim and inform the society and share their problems. Some of them get disappointed and leave their communities. As a result, the youth becomes more passive and the community problems become hidden.
   Dear donors, your donations were directed towards the implementation of training a new generation of young journalists.
Our participants with the ICT logo
The participants present their work
In various communities of the Republic of Armenia we carried out training in non-formal methodology which was entitled “Young Experts.” The training aimed to boost their skills in journalism, analytics and creativity. Develop analytical mind, promote the development of free speech and thinking ability and which is most important to master the main principles of journalism and the progress of the modern technologies.
Active and highly motivated young people form 14-20 years old were selected as a target who want to be involved in the development of their communities. During the meetings our beneficiaries had opportunity to ask their questions to our leading specialists and of course suggest real solutions during discussions and debates. As a result, “Young Experts” virtual platform was created, where the youth can freely communicate, ask the questions concerning them online and receive professional replies. During the meetings our participants were given shirts with ICT logo which reflected the idea of being one team better.
By analyzing and examining the further actions of the youth in distant regions and the condition of the distant regions we came to conclusion that positive changes are expected during the coming stages of the project, a clear plan has been developed, which will be the guidance when completing effective and correct community research. 
Mary shares her creative story
 We appreciate that you support us and your donations got addressed to the implementation of this very important plan.
The following is Mary’s creative story and message addressed to all our donors.
Hello, I’m Mary. I live in Vanadzor community. During my free time I like painting. I painted Lui, a 16 years old boy who also lives in my community. Lui wants to solve the problems of our community. He is a strong boy and he never gets disappointed. During this training Lui and me have learnt how to identify the community problems. We are sure that in the nearest future we’ll live in a better and democratic society. Dear donors, in our country we are strong together and your donations help and will help us to live in a place where the freedom of speech, democracy and patience reign.

The Giving Tuesday and our progress:

The children are preparing for the Giving Tuesday.
   Zartonk-89 NGO continues to implement “Providing education for 150 children in Armenia” project in different communities and villages of the distant regions of Armenia. The organization has adopted an important tradition which is to involve our beneficiaries in various holidays and events. Participating in such meetings children seem to become more active, determined and which is the most important they become motivated.
Due to your donation this time our staff visited Pokr Vedi with the regional representatives of the project, volunteers, and trainers.
The children, participating in the meeting, were looking forward to our arrival with great excitement, enthusiasm and expectation which proves the small posters made by our
The children are preparing for the Giving Tuesday
beneficiaries as a sign of gratitude to donors, the staff of GlobalGiving, to all good and kind people and organizations in their words.
The meeting with children took place in the school yard where they enjoyed the beauty and the colors of the nature and they could again freely express their ideas, suggestions and remarks, which will promote the continuation and advance of the project. We value the skills of creativity and the talent. Providing them with drawing and writing utensils, they developed their drawing skills which we think is the best way to express an idea. Similar meetings establish positive sides and characters in their psychology. And that is the guarantee of a healthy and strong society.
In the second part of the meeting we presented them the Giving Tuesday international day.
By listening and learning about it children started to share with their stories and their preferences and some of them, for example Knarik and Andranik, directed their speech to donors.
The children are preparing for the Giving Tuesday
Please find presented little Knarik’s and Andranik’s speech: “Hello, we are Knarik and Andranik. We are good friends. We live in Pokr Vedi village. We love the life with both its dark and light sides. Today we’re preparing for Giving Tuesday and we believe that there are many kind people who will help us and become our heroes of the day. We have a power which is our knowledge, we have hope for the happy future.
Please do you donation and support us.