Zartonok-89 NGO

Giving Week and the impact of the project:

Dear donors, partners,
We are glad to inform that due to you we carry on to support the young journalist of our new generation and with their help, strong communities are going to be established.
“ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project continues to encourage the new generation of the journalists to explore their community problems, develop their communication and representation skills as well as get acquainted with the modern achievements of the technology. They always need to participate in non-formal training courses including interactive games. 
The main goal of the project is to support the youth, teenagers, and young people as well as support their active participation in their community development process, input knowledge related to technology and capability related to research to strengthen the community. 
Due to your support, the beneficiaries of this project continue to participate in interactive training courses both in Yerevan and in other rural regions of Armenia.
Before organizing meetings with them we listen to their interests, ideas and suggestions, the studies they have done and those challenges they faced. And in order to be able to implement this all they need regular coaching, training courses in media and journalism.
We implement training courses in Yerevan with the purpose to train our regional young experts and guide them in their work. During this period we organize active discussions, teamwork, interactive practices. This is the best way to listen to them face to face. Then these young people share the knowledge they obtained and the news to other journalists after going to their regions and help to increase the impact of this project.
Dear donors, your donations continue to be addressed to the improvement of abilities, media skills and other important activities of the new generation’s young experts. The participants keep on proving that their steps become more visible and measurable day by day. Some of them also state that in this world which is highly developed with technology the youth has been given a great opportunity to put all their efforts into the work.
Vigen, who leads this project, presented the Giving Week and the Bonus Day during the meeting with participants in Yerevan. This is one of the best opportunities to invite the donors’ attention to this project and address the received donations to the increase of the communities to the project. The following presented to you is Artyom's short story and the speech.

Hello, I'm Artyom. I think this project may help me to live in a stronger and more developed community. Now I study how I can find solutions to those basic problems with which I come across. Being a part of this all, I'm sure that my expectations will be justified very soon. As I learned about Giving Week and Bonus Day I address my small speech to all the donors of the project so they will support in the performance of these important initiatives.