Zartonok-89 NGO

Bonus Day and our progress. REPORT:

Dear donors, our partners,
We’re glad to inform you that due to you we could support the young journalists of our new generation.

“ICT as a Tool for Young Voices” project carries on the non-formal, interactive training courses which are aimed to use the opportunities of the achievements of modern technologies, civic journalism for the improvement of the communities. The main purpose of the project is to support the active involvement of the youth, teenagers in their communities’ involvement process, help them conduct journalistic research and cover what happens in their communities. The beneficiaries of the project show great interest in how to solve the main problems in their communities when they are face to face with the challenges.  They learn how to run their resources and time correctly and effectively during training courses, seminaries from time to time. Being familiar with the principals of modern media and journalism they can conduct an estimation of the situation and do analysis freely. In each region of the Republic of Armenia, we have chosen one young expert who is willing to support their team. Such as by creating blogs, social platforms, and groups, which makes easier and faster to build an open audience. These experts improve their knowledge and skills through online and non-formal meetings and share with regional groups’ representatives.
Dear donors, your donations have been directed to the meeting with the young regional representatives of the new generation during which we discussed those solutions which are realistic to conduct in the nearest future.  The participants insisted that the role of technologies must be increased in modern society. Vigen, who coordinated these meetings with the target group presented how one can overcome the existing obstacles and share about it with large audiences.  In order to increase the effect of the participants in the project, they were given supplementary educational resources and topics, which they can use during their community researches.
During the meeting, we informed the beneficiaries about the Bonus Day which is going to be held on the 12th of July. They were excited to hear about that day, which has an essential importance to bring donors’ attention on this project and increase the effect of the project in all regions of the Republic of Armenia.  One of our young experts, Samvel wanted to share his short story and direct his speech to donors. 
Hi, I’m Samvel. I live in a community which has multiple problems for sure. Though they become more visible and solvable day by day. Due to this project, I am more confident when doing my journalistic researches. I think each young person can reach their aim if they learn through failures. As a young journalist I would like to highly appreciate the donors for such an opportunity and by learning about the Bonus Day I would like to address to all the donors of our project to do donations and involve more beneficiaries in this project. Thank you for supporting us.