Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

In the frame of “Online Olympiad” project we have organized meetings and 2 workshops on “The usage of social media in civil journalism” theme in 11 regions of Armenia. 
The goals of the meetings and workshops were to develop and enhance the online club of youth journalists, to raise the knowledge level of our beneficiaries in the spheres of media and Information Communication Technologies.
We have activated the youth participation in the developing process of their community; assisted youth to raise their journalistical, research and creative abilities with the usage of Information Technologies in the region; created a learning environment where the possibilities of new media are used for the benefit of young people; encouraged young journalists for the best materials and articles.    

The volunteers of ‘’Zartonk-89’’ NGO visited to 10 regions of Armenia and had meeting with our beneficiaries, they were given netbooks in order they could easily communicate with us, to use the netbook as a tool in order to overcome the problems of their community, get in touch with other young people and participate in the process of problem soultion in their community.   
One of the active participants of our project is Slava Nazaryan. He is from the working group of Shirak region, he participated in our workshop and made a video on the actual problem in his community. The video is about the pollution of ‘’Akhuryan’’ river.  Please visit the link

He has done a great work with his group.

I am Slava Nazaryan, I am interested in journalism and Information Technologies. I was participated in ‘’The usage of social media in civil journalism’’ workshop organized by Zartonk-89 NGO. The workshop gave me an opportunity and knowledge on the sphere of media and journalism. I would like to become a journalist and hope I will achieve it. I go in for sport, dance and learn foreign languages. I live in Arapy community of Shirak region. Arapy community is situated in the left and right bank of the Akhuryan river. Naturally we cannot be indifferent for the pollution problem of Akhuryan river. So we decided to solve that important problem.