Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

“Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” is an ongoing project the aim of which is to provide basic education for our beneficiaries and help them with the issue of professional orientation. During the project implementation we had great success. 58 of beneficiaries finished their school and got basic education, gained profession and now are working with their specialization. 10 of the beneficiaries are involved in our program as volunteers and in staff.

Lia who is one of the beneficiaries getting basic education and studying Information Technologies specialization disseminates information on “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project in our community. She sends her greetings to all donors, Global Giving that support for our important program.

Hello I am Lia, I am participating in “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project. In the frame of this project I have conducted basic education, on Information Technologies sphere and gained skills. I give importance to these similar projects that allow my peers to acquire not only basic education but also profession. Education gave me a chance, I took part in various workshops, seminars, competitions, and now it is school holydays and during it I am involved in “Zartonk-89” NGO’s staff and assist in information dissemination on “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project in our community through Information Technologies.  

I am confident that in the frame of this project the knowledge gained from this project will guide me throughout life. Taking advantage of the given opportunity I pass my gratitude to all the people thanks to them this project was implemented, and particularly I thank to Global Giving staff for the supporting of this important project.