Zartonok-89 NGO

Progress report

In the framework of “Online Olympiad” program “Zartonk-89” NGO's volunteers organized the online ‘ I read and…’ creative essay contest in 11 regions of the Republic of Armenia. 300 young people aged 16-18, took part in the contest. All the participants presented very good works but 20 of them have been chosen from different regions of the Republic of Armenia. The jury chose 3 prize winners’ among the 20 participants. During the choice of works they took into consideration the originality, honesty, sensitiveness, style of writing, the ability to raise the problem, artistic solution and literacy. 

So the prizes were distributed as it follows:

The First prize went to Tatul Khazarian with his work ‘If I met my favorite hero’

The Second horizon was engaged by Sona Arsenyan with her work ‘I read and  ...I read’

The third horizon was engaged by Armine Grigorian with her work ‘Tim Taller or Sold laughter’

The rest 17 participants were given encouraging presents.