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"Zartonk-89” is a non-governmental organization, which operates throughout the Republic of Armenia founded in 1989 and registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Justice in 1996. In 1988 after the earthquake, when the north part of Armenia was ruined and also Kharabagh war about 2400 children were parentless and the organization began to assist those children solving all the problems. Since 1989, Zartonk-89 has been actively engaged in the promotion of health, education, environment and social assistance for needy segments of the rural and urban children and teenagers in Armenia.  The active support and creativity of our partners and local volunteers have made it possible to extend its presence to other regions of Armenia; to date there are branches of our NGO all over the country.

Our mission is to improve the lives and protect the rights of children, teenagers and youth in Armenia.  In order to achieve our mission, we implement various educational, social, cultural and health, rights protection projects focused on improving the mental, physical and social skills of children, teenagers and youth on building their self-esteem. In addition, we have implemented several development projects that benefit entire communities.

Progress report

The process of “Providing Education for 150 children in Armenia” project is more effective. 14 children at the age of 10-15 from Khor-Virap community in Ararat region are participating in this program.  By means of trainings the children acquired basic education. 
The classes lasted 2 hours and half instead of one hour as the children wanted to spend more hours for their classes. After the classes the children didn’t go home, we organized different types of games, they revised course by means of conversation. It was interesting when we challenged the children to write an essay on the topic of “my dream”. In their essays all the boys expressed their wishes to became soldiers and defend their homeland. And the girls wishes were to live in a peaceful country and wished all the soldiers to come back home healthy and safely. 
At the beginning and at the end of the classes the children were distributed questionnaires for checking the effectiveness of the program.    

In the result of the questionnaires it was find out that the children were satisfied with their trainers, as well as trainings, games and food provided for them. The children want to continue their trainings and get qualified education.

Here is Hayk’s speech. I am Hayk from Khor Virap community in Ararat region. I have my dream like other children. I know that I have to study to reach my goals and dream. My dream is to become a soldier in order to defend my country. I wish the world to be in peace.

I am participating on “Providing Education for 150 children in Armenia” project. Realizing the importance of education I improved the lack of my knowledge. I give importance for the implementation of similar programs as it gives an opportunity the children to acquire basic education.
I hope that in the frame of this program my gained knowledge will be a guide throughout my life.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those people who supported and are going to support for this program. 
Progress Report

«Providing Education for 150 Children in Armenia»
I am Veronica. I am 13 years old. I love my family. The family is where we are surrounded with love and respect from people. My family consists of four people: me, my father, my mother, my brother. I prefer to start with my father who is central to our family. His name is Karlen. He is 37 years old. My dad spends a lot of time to earn money. When he is at home, it is a joy for me, as he always has something interesting to tell us. My father is a good man and an excellent father. Me mother, Alla is a housewife. She's 34 years old but looks much younger. She is my angel and I dream to be like her. My brother, John, is a good guy. He is 9 years old. My brother helps us in all matters. For me he is a good brother and a great friend. I like to dance,  sing, read, and spend a good time with my friends and family because life is too short and I want to enjoy the good things.  I inherited singing from my grandmother. She taught me almost all the folk songs and dances of the blood of the nation. From our authors, I love Hovhannes Tumanyan the most. I have read almost all his tales and stories. I like to be the first everywhere.  In regards to my future profession, I'm not in a hurry to choose one. It is a complicated process and it your future depends on it. You have to think long and hard about it and appreciate your abilities, your talents, and your interests and be serious about this decision. I dream of my own candy factory for all children to have free candy and snacks.

Now back to reality. I take part in «Providing education for 150 children in Armenia» program aimed at providing basic education for children who have been held back for various reasons. During this program, the selected children from 6 regional groups participate in Young Journalists Online Club (YJOC) and go back to school to carry out the rest of the training program. Their communities will be selected by taking into account the "Community Youth Voice" how active the students kept their blogs, websites, and social media. The program helps students update their knowledge learned from school and this helps actively progress basic education. I am very glad that I participated in this program during the summer holidays

Progress report

With the frame of “Online Olympiad” project in the region we have promoted to raise journalism, research and creative skills among young people with the usage of information technologies, created a learning environment where the possibilities of new media are used for the benefit of young people, we helped young people in discovery of the possibilities of new media usage, we identified and encouraged the best materials, articles and essays of the young journalists.
In “Online Olympiad” program it was foreseen to organize creative competitions, which are kept young people to be active in villages and regions, gave opportunity to communicate with their peers, to use new media in research creative activities.
In the frame of the program Zartonk-89 NGO organized competition on the theme of “I have read and....”   which was aimed to expose these young people, who love to read books and to compose at the same time. Here is our Tatul who was one of the participants of the competition. Recently our volunteers have met to Tatul who is now serving in the army. We would like to present his speech about the program:
I am Tatul, I am 19 years old. I was born and grew up in Vanadzor. I attained in secondary school N 19 in Vanadzor and after that I studied in the faculty of Law in State Pedagogical University of Vanadzor. I attended various clubs.
The art with all its aspects especially music and painting play a great role in my life. 3 years I had been a member of “Vardanants Descendants” brass band and participated in various festivals.
I am currently serving in the Armed Forces, and I am the musician of military orchestra there. I am very fond of reading books. I have read a lot of Armenian and foreign literature books.  I had a big impression on the world-famous detective stories. Under that impression I prepared a model of Sherlock Holmes museum and made fragments with plaster from the stories.  In 2013, when I was going to enter the university, I was informed about the essay competition on the theme of “I have read and....” in the frame of “Online Olympiad” program.
I was in the first place, but I did not expect my winning.  I just wanted to have new friends and communication with them and learn many new things from them. After the competition I made friends and had communication even with the volunteers. When I come back from the army I will continue to communicate, to work with them and take part in various programs and activities.
I would like to thank all those people, organizations that supported our program implementation that gave a lot of happy moments to young people who live in the villages. If you are interested in my work, please visit:

I love nature. 

Progress report

Zartonk-89 NGO implements “Providing education for 150 children in Armenia” project the aim of which is to provide basic education for those children from 10 regions in Armenia who could not get education because of social bad condition, to help them to continue their education at school, get professional skills in order they can find appropriate work in future and improve their families’ social conditions.    
In the frame of this project in 10 communities of 10 regions in Armenia working groups are formed and retrained.
As long as the project is not funded, we have started trainings in 4 communities: (Khor Virap, Arapi, Byurakan and Shenik) by means of individual donations.  Materials are made and printed.
Target group was divided into 2 age groups and checked their knowledge level.  In each group are conducted trainings weekly for 4 hours to complete basic education and teach new skills. 
Hi, I am Astghik. I live in Khor Virap community of Ararat region. I have been a beneficiary in one of the previous projects implemented by Zartonk-89 NGO and I am very happy to participate in those projects.  Participating in these projects, I have had an opportunity to acquire basic education and communicate freely in future.  In the result I achieved such knowledge, skills, human behavior that will be benefit for my community, environment and the others as well.
Now in communities we are planning to implement such a project that will help socially needy children and teenagers to get education, as instead of having education they had various hard works to help their families to overcome the difficulties their parents have had before.

Our goal is to assist those children to get knowledge for improving their living conditions in future.

Progress report

Progress report
 Online olimpiad

Elena during the activity

In the frame of “Online Olympiad” project Young Journalists Online Centers (YJOC) have been founded in different regions of Armenia. Visits were organized to YJOC, seminars and trainings conducted for regional groups. Each of the group coordinates its regional works, discuss existing issues and achievements in the region, have connection and communication with other young people in the communities who are also interested in Media and journalism. During the visits project goals, objectives and activities were represented. Interactive games were organized by means of which communities issues came up and tried to find solutions.

The project assists in youth involvement in the development process of their communities. During the meeting-trainings the obtained netbook was given to the elder participant of the meeting, who was responsible for the technical provision at the spot and communication with the Center. In the result our beneficiaries organize community issues assessment, public discussions sharing their obtained knowledge and experience to the other members of the community, have active communication with youth groups in Yerevan and other communities as well.

We would like to present one of the works of our regional groups: the beneficiaries of Arapi community have made a video about issues of their communities, and the river pollution of Akhuryan in Armenia. They investigate the composition water of the river, which is contaminated, suggested solutions and how to clean the river. The schoolchildren of the community participated in the process of the river cleaning. The polluted river had a negative impact on people and wildlife around the world.

Hi, I am Elena, I live in Arapi community of Shirak region in Armenia. I am one of the participants of “Online Olympiad” Program. In our community the young people had not idea about the importance of new media, usage of digital equipment, have not enough knowledge on this sphere. Participating in “Online Olympiad” program organized by Zartonk-89 NGO they obtained correspondent knowledge about new media, took part in community activities raising community issues by means of organized trainings and seminars. Behalf of our working group we thank to all those people who donate and support in to implement such important project. Thank to Global Giving and Zartonk-89 NGO: